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Prom Bead Baubles & Bling Buffet!

Always a favorite! You select all elements of your corsage and boutonierre

Rhinestones, Feathers, Gems, Silvers, Bracelets, Golds, Beads,Sparkle, Pins, Ribbons.... hundreds of trims to choose from

Our Bead,  Bauble & Bling Buffet is set up at Prom Season Only. Usually 4/15 - 5/30

Many/most of the trims and embellishments are available year round, just ask your designer.



      Bling Bauble and Bead Buffet   

Beads, Ribbons, Crystals, Gems, BLING!

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Arm Cuff      


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Corsages and Boutonnieres

Corsages and Boutonnieres may be picked up on Thursday or Friday before your dance.  Keep them refrigerated or out of direct sunlight and they will be fine. 

Exception:  White roses.  White roses are the first to wilt or turn brown on the edges. We recommend white rose corsages be picked up on Friday or Saturday and must stay refrigerated.

Pick up time starts at 10 am    If you are assigned a pick up time, please stick to it out of courtesy to others.

Most corsages can last for a week or more after your dance.  Enjoy them longer by floating them in a glass bowl.

Air dry your flowers as a keepsake - occassionally dust with a light coating of hairspray to keep your petals from falling. Press them flat between paper and a heavy book.  You can decorate the pages of your scrapbook with them.

Corsages may be worn in your hair, on your upper arm, pinned to the waist of your dress, worn around your ankle or pinned on your evening bag.  Wrist corsages are the most popular type of corsage for dances in this area.  Each dance we see these styles added - Be creative, be different. Your flowers are part of your formal overall attire.   Most of all have a memorable and safe evening.

House Rules

A Non-refundable Deposit is required on all February Dance Flowers. If your event is cancelled, or you cannot attend, you are still responsible to pick up your Special Order.

Every attempt is made to match your date. We cannot guarantee a match for orders placed within 72 hours of pick up times.

Any changes to your special order within 72 hours of pick up time, may have additional charges.

Ideas are Endless!!

House of Flowers is also the proud provider of many of our area schools Queens, Kings and Royal Court.

Homecoming Parades, Grand Marshals, Sweetheart Couples, Prom Court, Debutante Events and special activities supplier and decorations.

Wrist Corsages



The Options and colors are endless....

Beautiful Bright            



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