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Medina Proud


  Medina Gifts for 
Neighbor, Students, Alumni, Graduates, Family, Teams


   BattlingBeeMug I Heart Medina Pot BattlingBee Display Ornament Keepsake    

Medina Pennants        




   Bee Pail


Battling Bee pail    Battling Bee Pin  3D     Medina FireHouse  Cats Meow     Medina Gazebo Pot/Vase

Scroll Medina    I heart Medina   Ohio honey    Medina County Magnet

   Ohio Ornament  Whats The Buzz Potholders  


Oval M  Memo Notebook-Customizeable     Medina Gazebo Container and Salt&Pepper

Buckeye Country   Medina Gazebo Ornament  Bee Hive Cookie Cutter

Medina Gazebo Ceramic Pot  Mason Jar Oval M Mug  Bee Hive Swarm Bird Feeder

Ohio Where My Heart Belongs

Tshirts, Crewnecks & Hoodies

Shirts, Crewnecks and Hoodies        Battling Bees and Alumni                

18Karat Gold Battling Bee 

18k Battling Bee Pin or Necklace  Necklace, Charm or Pin           

Garden Stakes, Etched Gazebo Glassware, Ceramic keepsakes, Nutcrackers, Beehives, Umbrellas  ...

Many "BEE" items in stock ~
Candles, Stuffed Bees, Magnets, Wreaths, Honeycombs, Birdhouses...more    ~    Always something new

Medina, Highland, Buckeye, Cloverleaf, Wadsworth, Brunswick & Black River in stock

  KeychainBee  Oval M and Battling Bee on Reverse         

      KeychainGazeboHistoric Court House on Reverse          $2..99       

Framed Photography of Medina's Historic Square and Landmarks
Historic Medina by John Lohn   Local Photographers on Display

NEW Medina Print  Framed and Unframed Print - Read It! 
This Gazebo print is made of all Medina Stores, businesses and landmarks prior to 1970! What a piece of History!

Gameday and Spirit Items

Most in Stock... Quantities, allow 48-72 hours

Brunswick #1 Dangle Earrings  Green In Stock         Brunswick #1 Post Earrings  Green In Stock         Buckeye HS #1 Keychains  Green in Stock   Highland Face TatooHighland Face Tatoos (Highland Only)

Game Beads   Game Necklaces               PomPoms with StickPomPoms on Stick            Leis - Limited on Hand - Special OrderGreen & White Leis - Special Order

Parade and Game Mums
Parent Mums, Senior Mums and Spirit Mums!!!
Silk Game and Parade Mums on Sticks       Parade Mums - Game Mums (click) 
Starting at $8.99. Please allow 3 days to a week notice if not in stock.